Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having a restful end to your weekend. My kids are playing exceptionally well this morning leaving me some much needed time to blog!

So, just after the new year (when most of us are getting underway with our resolutions and goals) I decided on a business goal. I wanted to create a new product line that would pack a serious personality punch and give me a lot of freedom to be creative. It was hard for me to focus on one thing at first. I suffer from what my sister recently called “shiny object syndrome”: too many ideas and wanting to do them all. But, after weighing the pros and cons of each and reflecting on the ideas that were exciting me the most, I decided to create a line of decor prints! The concepts I had for these prints were literally keeping me up at night so I decided I might as well just give in and feed the beast!

What are these prints going to depict you ask? Well that is top secret as of yet but I can promise you one thing, they will include two elements that I am well known for: bright colors and bold graphics!

This is the MOOD Board I made up to help guide my creative process for this collection.

MOOD board for a brand NEW collection coming out in February! Keep your eyes out! #mood #moodboard #push #geometric #color #colorlover

Don’t you love those sunglasses? I want them in every color!

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P.S. I had good intentions of releasing the new collection mid-February but now that we are here already I’ve had to revise my release date to beginning. We aren’t that far away though so keep your eyes peeled!

Have a great upcoming week!